Up to 50% off when you sign up with Groupon.

You may use the class card for any of our regular classes (no specialty workshops).  You can purchase 1 Groupon pass for yourself and 1 for a friend.

There is tax on your purchase.  You can bring it in cash the first time you come to the studio.

8 classes for $55 = tax owing $7

4 classes for $39 = tax owing $5

These classes expire within 3 months of your purchase date.  If you buy classes Jan 1st they expire April 1st. We have no plans to end the sale on Groupon.  There is no rush to buy if you are busy now or our schedule doesn’t work for you.

Please do not purchase a class card if you do not have time to attend class right away.  The clock starts ticking down from the moment you purchase.  We want you to get full use of your class card.  In 12 weeks (90 days) there are 144 classes offered (72 drop in classes & 72 choreography classes).

You are welcome to attend any class you like. We strongly recommend Basics for your first class.  Please check our schedule before making a purchase.  If you are new & our Basics schedule doesn’t work for you please do not purchase classes.

Choreography classes are where you learn a full dance.  For these classes you should commit to coming every single week, have an understanding of rhythm, prop use & basic bellydance technique.  These classes follow the moon cycle & change every 4-5 weeks. We strongly recommend starting choreography classes on week 1 at the beginning of the bellydance session.  Check out our FAQs page for more info about classes.