We are located at 422 Concession St, Hamilton, Ontario

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7PM Basics (Drop in $10)

8:05PM Bellydance Choreography 1


10-11AM Feel Good Bellydance (Drop in $10) – open to beginners

11-11:30 Burst of Choreo ($5 per class)


7:10PM Conditioning (Drop in $10)

8:15PM Bellydance Choreography 2


10-11AM Feel Good Bellydance (Drop in $10) – open to beginners

11-11:30 Burst of Choreo ($5 per class)

7PM Basics with Faith (Drop in $10)

8:05PM Fusion Choreo with Faith (kpop + bellydance)


10-10:30AM Caregiver & Me (6+ years old)

10:45AM Basics (Drop in $10)

11:50 Bellydance Choreography 1

12:55 Bellydance Choreography 2

2nd & 4th Sunday

11AM Bellydance Bliss (gentle bellydance) with Andria (Drop in $10)


422 Concession, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

1st time? New to dance or the studio?

Take Basics, Bliss, Feel Good or Kindess in Motion.

Bellydance Basics, Feel Good

Basics can be started at any time as they are not cumulative. In Basics class we are doing real Bellydance. We explore props, rhythm, folklore, traditional, modern, fusion, Turkish, Egyptian and everything else you need to know about bellydancing. We work at a slower pace with more details, explanations & repetitions. Make no mistake, you’ll be working the whole time. You’ll also be sweating. We have students who’ve been dancing for 15 years who still take this class because there is a lot of value in it. You are not locked in to Basics just because you take it once. You can take Basics for your first class & then switch to a choreography class or a different drop in class. In the history of our classes no one has ever found it “easy” or “boring.” We are also taking the time in this class to explore history & culture. You need this foundation to be respectful to this art form.

Burst of Choreo is a 30 minute choreography class, a perfect introduction to doing choreography work.

Kindness in Motion is a drop in self-massage and stretch class lead by Registered Massage Therapist Jen Fleming.

Bellydance Bliss is a class for those who want a slower, gentle introduction to bellydance lead by Andria.


The choreography classes move quicker. It is assumed at this level you can learn a 2-3 minute choreography in 60 mins. We will incorporate prop use & examine rhythms. If you’re joining a choreography class we strongly recommend starting during the first week & having previous & recent experience of 6 months or more, preferably at Mahasti. The technique is not broken down the same way it is in Basics. Students who join this class are welcome to perform at our monthly showcase as well as other events we perform in, if they attend all sessions & put in the work to learn the piece. Please let us know if you’re interested in performing.

Students self-assess their level.

ROTATION – Class topics will rotate times throughout the year so that students are exposed to all genres of our rich & diverse dance.

REQUESTS – How can we serve you better? If you have a topic or time we aren’t covering – let us know! Contact


We run on the schedule with the moon as a way to honor the natural world. Some dancers find aligning ourselves with the rhythm of the universe can be a means of creative awakening or flowing meditation.

You can join drop in classes at any time.
If you have a class card you have 3 months (roughly 12 weeks) to use it (from date of purchase). During the period of validity we will offer about 144 classes (roughly half are drop-in classes), lots of chances for you to attend.


If you are joining a choreography class you must attend during week 1 or 2. We strongly recommend Basics for your 1st class at the studio. We recommend 6 months of recent bellydance experience before attempting a choreography class. Choreography sessions last 4-5 weeks. We try to complete the whole 3ish min choreography in week 1 so we can review in weeks 2-4 or 5.


Nov 26, Dec 26


Jan 24, Feb 23, Mar 24, Apr 22, May 22, June 21, July 20, Aug 18, Sept 17, Oct 16, Nov 15, Dec 14


Jan 13, Feb 11, Mar 13, Apr 11, May 11, June 10, July 9, Aug 8, Sept 6, Oct 6, Nov 4, Dec 4

Jan 2, Feb 1, Mar 2, April 1, April 30, May 30, June 28, Aug 27, Sept 25, Oct 25, Nov 23, Dec 23