Classes this week

✨STUDIO Tues 10-11AM Basics with Eshe
IG 11-1120AM Sweat with @embers_of_a_boughanfire

710-810PM Sweat with @embers_of_a_boughanfire

Meeting ID: 716 186 238
Password: Mahasti

1130-1150AM IG Live Drills with @embers_of_a_boughanfire
ZOOM 7-8PM Drop in Fusion Basics with @embers_of_a_boughanfire
805-905PM Kpop Choreo week 4
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Meeting ID: 133 285 197
Password: Mahasti

430PM Caregiver + Me
7PM Basics with Eshe

1045AM-1145AM Bellydance Basics with Eshe “Shape of You” week 2

1145-1245PM Create × Cultivate: Egyptian Musicality with Eshe
Improvisation, weight changes, instrument categories, movement initiation

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Meeting ID: 889 9695 2617
Password: Mahasti

1 class $10.
4 classes $30.
1 week unlimited $20.
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422 Concession

Online and Studio Bellydance in Hamilton

We will be opening the studio for semi-private classes.
Please let me know if there is a day or time not offered that you are interested in.
I will open up more classes if there is demand.
Private classes are also available (30 mins $30 includes a video recording of your class. You can also use your class card) in studio or on Zoom or prerecorded.
RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. If you are dropping in advance payment is necessary. If you have a class card 1 class will be counted if you make a reservation (if you attend or not).
DM or contact to reserve your space.
If you have ANY symptoms do not attend classes.
We will be in masks for the entire class.
Sanitizer is available for dancers upon arrival, during class and for departure.
The door will remain open & air conditioning will be off.
Dancers will have an assigned space & will remain there during the class.
Classes will be 1 hour in length unless otherwise noted.
Please bring in only items that are absolutely necessary to the studio.
I respect and understand if you cannot attend classes under these conditions or at this time.
We will continue classes on Zoom and Patreon so you can attend live online or recorded online classes.

Week of July 27th
STUDIO 7PM-8PM semi Private Basics Eshe
STUDIO 10AM Semi Private Basics Eshe
INSTAGRAM 11-1120AM Faith Mini Sweat @ hamiltonbellydance
ZOOM 610PM Angela Josephine – Drills & Combo
ZOOM 710PM Eshe – Sweat
STUDIO 10AM Semi Private Basics Eshe
INSTAGRAM 1130-1150AM Faith – Mini Drills @ hamiltonbellydance
ZOOM 7PM Faith – Fusion Basics
ZOOM 805PM Faith – Kpop Fusion Choreo (week 2) Lady Gaga
STUDIO 430-5PM Caregiver & Me (ongoing choreography)
ZOOM 1045AM Basics with Eshe
ZOOM 1145AM Create & Cultivate – Egyptian Musicality with Eshe
STUDIO 1PM Semi Private Basics Eshe

Week of Aug 3rd
STUDIO 10AM Semi Private Basics Eshe
INSTAGRAM 11-1120AM Faith Mini Sweat @ hamiltonbellydance
ZOOM 710PM Faith – Sweat
STUDIO 10AM Semi Private Basics Eshe
INSTAGRAM 1130-1150AM Faith – Mini Drills @ hamiltonbellydance
ZOOM 7PM Faith – Fusion Basics
ZOOM 805PM Faith – Kpop Fusion Choreo (week 3) Lady Gaga
STUDIO 430-5PM Caregiver & Me (ongoing choreography)
STUDIO 7PM Basics with Eshe
ZOOM 1045AM Basics with Eshe
ZOOM 1145AM Create & Cultivate – Egyptian Musicality with Eshe
Sunday Aug 9th NO CLASS
Monday Aug 10th NO CLASS

July Challenge

Shimmy The Net
July Challenge with Faith
One 20 minute video a day Monday to Friday. #shimmythenet

Faith is live on Instagram every Tuesday 11-1120AM EST & Thursday 1130-1150AM EST. @ hamiltonbellydance

You can also watch her videos on YouTube.  Pick your own videos or do our recommended program.  Just 3 videos this week!
July 1 – Walking Shimmy & Omi Combo
July 2 – Balance Focus or join Faith Live on Instagram
July 3 – HIIT Workout

Full playlist

July 6 – Hip Kicks and Travelling Mayas

July 7 – Eccentric Exercise

July 8 – Join Faith on IG live OR Hip Isolations

July 9 – Full Body Blast

July 10 – Join Faith on IG Live OR Hip Sit Kicks 2 Ways

Online Bellydance Classes in Hamilton

Classes this week ^_^
Instagram Live
Mini Sweat Class with Faith
@ hamiltonbellydance

4PM-5PM Taste of Turkish on Zoom with Eshe
9/8 & Chiftitelli zill patterns

Meeting ID: 826 2905 3051
Password: Mahasti

710-810PM Sweat with Eshe on Zoom
Cardio & Conditioning
Meeting ID: 716 186 238
Password: Mahasti

Instagram Live
Mini Drills Class with Faith
@ hamiltonbellydance

7-8PM Fusion Basics with Faith on Zoom
805-905PM Kpop Choreography (week 4) with Faith on Zoom
Meeting ID: 133 285 197
Password: Mahasti

Live on Mahasti Facebook
Mahasti – The Bellydance Emporium
Turkish Roman with Eshe

430-5PM Caregiver & Me Folklore
Meeting ID: 814 4379 1564
Password: Mahasti

1045AM NEW Choreo week 1 of 2
1145AM Create & Cultivate – Voice of an Artist
Meeting ID: 520 896 718
Password: Mahasti

Suggested donation 1 class $10 or 1 week $20.
Interac etransfer or paypal


Glitter – Bellydance Show on Zoom

Create + Cultivate

Finally ready to share this course that has been percolating in my mind for a long time. This course will teach both improvisation and choreography strategies to start creating your own pieces. All levels and styles warmly welcomed.

12 weeks suggested donation $120.
Dancers may also use class cards.
Payment in installments as well as sliding scale available.
Interac etransfer to
Paypal to

Saturdays 11:45AM EST LIVE on Zoom.
Option to study by prerecorded video

Module 1 – DEVISE
Week 1 – Assemble STARTS MAY 9TH
Week 2 – Voice
Week 3 – Intention

Module 2 – LISTEN
Week 4 – Map
Week 5 – Theory

Week 6, 7 & 8 – Prompt & Launch

Module 4 MAKE
Week 9 Practice
Week 10 Generate
Week 11 Refine
Week 12 Share

Eshe is the director & owner of Mahasti – The Bellydance Emporium in Canada with classes on Zoom and Patreon. Born and raised in Hamilton, Eshe has been bellydancing since 2002. She’s trained extensively in Canada, Japan, Egypt, and Turkey. And she’s performed in America, Japan, Turkey, South Korea, Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia. In 2007 she launched Glitter – a bellydance showcase at The Casbah in Hamilton now taking place on Zoom!

From 2008 to 2010, Eshe was the bellydancer for the Korean band Orgeltanz. Orgeltanz and Eshe gigged at some of the country’s biggest music festivals. Together they were featured in the Korean editions of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, and appeared on several TV programs. In 2009 she starred in Apollo 18’s music video “Orbis.” In early 2010, Eshe was cast in the Korean and Indonesian versions of Jillina’s Bellydance Evolution. Eshe also won Asia’s “People’s Choice” award as part of the show. The same year dance legend Sema Yildiz gave her the name “Yildiz” or “Star” in Turkish after she performed at the famed Gar Casino in Istanbul. 2010-2015 Eshe ran her own bellydance studio in Seoul called Dream Dance Studio. In 2012, her students won the bronze medal for Oriental Ensemble at the Tokyo International Bellydance Competition. In 2013, Eshe started a new concert series in Seoul called Shake Shop. The monthly event featured bellydancers collaborating with some of the biggest names in Korea’s indie scene.

In 2015, Eshe returned to Canada and started performing at award-winning events such as Supercrawl. In 2016, she opened Mahasti & formed Raqs Mahasti who won 1st runner up at Star Bellydancer Canada in the troupe category.
In 2017 she launched Hamilton International Bellydance Competition. In 2018 she won a 40 Under 40 Business Achievement Award for her community & charity work. In 2019 she was cast again by Jillina in Bellydance Evolution’s Los Angeles debut of Wizard of Oz. The same year she was honored to win Established Artist in the Dancer / Performing Artist category at the Hamilton Art Awards.

Hamilton International Bellydance Competition

2020 Hamilton International Bellydance Competition – Online

Judges: Farasha of Tokyo, Melissa Gamal, Heather Marie, Joe of Deseos, Henna

$45 CAD/$32USD (per category) for soloists in Pro, Fusion, Folklore
$28 CAD/ $20USD for Drum Solo
$63 CAD/$45USD for 1 solo category + Drum Solo
$100 CAD/$70USD for 3 categories.
$120 CAD/$85USD for all 4 categories.

Application fees may be paid at under the “HIBC” tab. Please note – all application fees are non-refundable. In Canada, interac etransfer to International artists can paypal to

In gratitude, all applicants will receive a password to attend the celebration on Zoom Saturday June, 27th, 2020 7PM EDT. All applicants will recieve detailed feedback sheets signed by the judges

How it works:
There are four categories – professional solo, fusion solo, folklore solo and drum solo.
Professional applicants should use traditional Middle Eastern bellydance music. They may present any traditional bellydance style (oryantal, raqs sharqi, etc).
Folklore applicants please let us know the style when you submit your video.
Fusion applicants may use any style of music, however at least 50% of their dance should be bellydance.
Drum solo applicants will all be using the same 1 min 30 second track. After registering contact Eshe to receive the track
Applicants may enter as many categories as they wish.
The application period opens Sunday, April 26th, 2020 at 9 a.m. EDT.
The application deadline is Monday, June 1st, 2020 at 1 p.m. EDT. All videos and entry fees must be submitted before the deadline.
After uploading your HIBC video to YouTube or another video hosting site, please email your artist name, category entered, and a link for viewing the video. Please do not send video files. All entries must be accessible via the link provided and remain accessible at the time of judging. If your entry cannot be accessed via the provided link at the time of judging, it will not be considered

3 finalists (or more) in each category will be contacted by email by Friday, June 12th, 2020 at 7 p.m. EDT. and invited to appear in the Zoom celebration on Saturday June, 27th, 2020 7PM EDT. Their names will also appear on our website.

Videos should not exceed 3 minutes in length. Judges will stop marking at the 3 minute mark.
Choreographies and videos must include all original content created by the soloist entering the competition. Using another dancer’s choreography is not permitted.
Finalists selected may perform the same choreography from their video submission in the Zoom celebration if they wish. The same time restraints apply for both. All finalists selected have placed in the competition or won special designations from the judges. There is no penalty if you are unable to attend the Zoom celebration.

Dancers may not have their competition entry video or material coached by any of the judges in the competition.
All dancers must be 18 years of age or older at the time of submission.
Please shoot videos from the front only and in landscape mode in a well-lit room with good sound.
The dancer’s entire body should be visible for the duration of the video.
It is not necessary to wear a professional costume or be in full make-up, but movements and expression should be easy to see.
Videos will be judged on technique, musicality, personality, and originality. Full judging sheet available on HIBC Facebook page.
If you have any questions, please email!/HIBC/c/21437093/offset=0&sort=normal

Live Classes

Meeting ID: 716 186 238
Password: Mahasti
Meeting ID: 133 285 197
Password: Mahasti
Meeting ID: 520 896 718
Password: Mahasti
SAT 2PM Clarke × Josephine Collab WS – Zoom Choreography Workshop
Meeting ID: 422 422 4999
Password: Mahasti
Meeting ID: 837 4871 6758
Password: CHAIR

Zoom, Patreon + Instagram Classes this week – Online Bellydance

Join Mahasti Online this week
1 class $10 or all week $20 (scholarship or sliding scale available)
Interac etransfer to
Or join our Patreon for $25 & get access to all of this plus taped classes with Eshe, Faith, Angela Josephine, Andria and Jillina
IG Lives at @ hamiltonbellydance
Wed 710PM Sweat with Faith Dance
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 716 186 238
Password: Mahasti
Thurs 7PM EST Fusion Basics
805PM Choreography Week 3
with Faith Dance
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 133 285 197
Password: Mahasti
Fri 7PM Pop Up Chair Class with Faith Dance
Join Zoom Meeting
Password: Mahasti
Sat 1045AM-1245PM
2 Hour Turkish Roman Class with Eshe
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 520 896 718
Password: Mahasti