Why do you dance?

Dance to love yourself, to revel in what your body can do, to have some time for you, to take up space unapologetically, to be joyful, powerful and present.

Why do you dance? Or move?
I hope it’s because it makes you feel good!
If someone is selling you insecurity don’t invest! You don’t need to change a thing you’re amazing just as you are, right now, in this moment. Breathe in all the love. Breathe out your doubts + insecurity. Breathe in all the things you desire + deserve. Release anything that’s not serving you.

New Bellydance Session 11/26

Tues 11/26 ✨ new ✨ choreography session
✨Mon 805PM, Tues + Thurs 11AM, Sat 1150AM Choreo 1 with Eshe
✨Wed 815PM, Sat 1255PM Choreo 2 with Eshe
✨Thurs 805PM Fusion Choreo with @embers_of_a_boughanfire 🐙 6 months of recent Bellydance required to join these offerings🐙

Wed 11/27 💪Sweat💪
A new drop in, conditioning, bootcamp style offering Wed 710PM with @embers_of_a_boughanfire.
Let’s get our glow on! Show up + shine! No experience necessary! $10 cash or 8 classes $62 for movers new to Mahasti.
Let’s ease into 2020 with some positive self-talk. I’ve noticed a shift in my body’s ability + my mental fortitude when I make this effort to engage with optimism.
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Lower Bellydance Class Prices

We have some ✨amazing✨ announcements to make.

🌟We are extending our $10 cash drop in fee to ALL drop in bellydance basics/bliss/stretch classes.

🌟12 classes are now $120 + tax ($40 drop) to be used in 3 months.

🌟1 month unlimited $120 + tax ($40 drop)

🌟6 months unlimited $600 + tax ($200 drop)

Online store has already been updated! Thank you always for your support!

422 Concession