Bellydance in Hamilton at Mahasti

If you’re looking for deals we have an ongoing affordable art initiative at Mahasti – The Bellydance Emporium

CLASSES (up to 9 drop in classes weekly!)

8 classes 50% OFF $55 + tax
New movers, dancers who’ve been away for a year+ or anyone who needs a little help!/50-off-8-classes/p/144626101/category=18890055

12 classes $120 + tax!/12-Bellydance-Classes/p/64748366/category=18890055

24 classes $200 + tax!/24-Bellydance-Classes/p/64748367/category=18890055

1 year unlimited SALE $1000 + tax!/1-Year-Unlimited-Bellydance-SALE/p/75603527/category=18890055


Private lesson with Eshe or Faith Dance $66 + tax!/1-Private-Bellydance-Lesson-with-Eshe-1-hour-at-Mahasti-in-Hamilton/p/102322898/category=18890055

Group lesson $155 + tax (max 18 people)
includes 15 mins access to studio before lesson, 1 hour lesson & 1 hour afterwards in the studio!/BELLYDANCE-PARTY-AT-MAHASTI/p/98538348/category=18890055

Melissa Gamal in Hamilton Sun 2/2 EARLY BIRD $53 + tax
2 hours sagat, 2 hours folklore!/Lightning-Sale-4-Hours-with-Melissa/p/68717045/category=18890056

Turkish Intensive With Eshe *IN BARRIE* April 5 $100+ tax
3 hours folklore, 3 hours oryantal (bellydance)!/Turkish-Intensive-in-Barrie/p/68717040/category=18890056

Interac etransfer to or cash or credit card purchase at the studio is also possible.

If you or someone you love can’t afford to dance sliding scale & scholarship are available. Contact

Mahasti – The Bellydance Emporium
422 Concession, Hamilton

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