HIBC Extension til midnight

extension hibc

By request the HIBC deadline has been extended! Get your videos in today!


New Bellydance Session from 6/13

New bellydance session from 6/13 at Mahasti.


7PM PWYC Drop in Basics

8:05PM Bellydance Choreography 1


9:30-10AM Lil Movers (Drop in $5) for 18 months & up

10-11AM Feel Good Bellydance (Drop in $5) – open to beginners

6:20PM Drop in Basics with Peggy

7:25PM PWYC Beginner Skills Clinic with Peggy


7:10PM Angela Josephine (Intermediate) 6/13 Make-up Choreo, 6/20 & onwards drills

8:15PM Bellydance Choreography 2


10-11AM Feel Good Bellydance (Drop in $5) – open to beginners

7PM Fresh Fusion Choreography with Faith

8:05PM Drop in Drills 6/14 & 21 Turkish, 6/28 & 7/5 guest Jackie Pullar


10-10:30AM Caregiver & Me ($30 for 4 classes 1 adult & 1 child)

10:45AM PWYC Drop in Basics

11:50 Bellydance Choreography 1

12:55 Bellydance Choreography 2

Mini Photo Shoot Sessions with Alaina O

We have only 3 slots left for Sunday. 10:30-2:30 is booked solid.  If you need a time slot outside of these hours please let me know. Dancers & non-dancers are welcome.

2:30-3, 3-3:30, 3:30-4 are open

$50 for 30 mins & 5 edited images.

$100 for 60 mins & 10 edited images.

Mahasti is located on the mountain at 422 Concession in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Contact Eshe Yildiz, Alaina Media or Mahasti The Bellydance Emporium on Facebook.  Or email eshebellydancer@hotmail.com