June Bellydance Classes in Hamilton

We have some great new classes coming to you from our new session June 4th!

Star Bellydancer of Canada 2015, Peggy, will be sharing a Basics class featuring mini combinations on Tuesdays at 6:20.  Perfect for the total beginner.  This is a bridge class, gently leading you towards learning a choreography.  Peggy will expertly breakdown all the necessary technique to help you master these beginner steps.

Peggy will be leading a brand new “Kitchen Sink” class at 7:30  on Tuesdays.  Want to learn how to use veil or the difference between Lebanese & Egyptian? This class will have rotating topics nightly! Drop in anytime! Or come every week & learn something different. Tuesdays at 7:30.

Saturdays at 11 we’re going to start offering a “Freestyling 101” class.  Learn how to string the moves together during improvisation.  This class will have a shifting focus each week (folklore, props, rhythms) but the core goal is helping you find your own voice in dance.  Eshe will provide you with a framework of the basics & we’ll work within those limits to create each week.  This class is also great for those who don’t want to learn a choreography.  It is drop in friendly as well.

Saturdays at 12:10 we’ll be learning Egyptian bellydance choreography.  Each week we review the steps from the top &, if ready, we add a little more.  The dance changes with each new moon (every 4-5 weeks).  We’ll learn both bellydance & folkloric styles in this class as well as exploring the “outside dance”  (entertaining dances like the drum solo, pop songs, mejance – grand entrance) and the “inside dance” (emotive & improvisational styles like taxim).

Saturdays at 1:20 we’ll be exploring Modern Bellydance – Eshe’s take on new offshoots of this living & vibrant dance.  This class will feature fusion & modern music.  Like the Egyptian class it’s choreography will rotate with the moon.  It’s always ideal to join a choreography class at it’s onset but as long as you keep an open heart & are realistic about your ability you are welcome to join at any point.

Thursdays at 7PM we are going to start playing with American Tribal Style & Improvisational Tribal Style.  This is group work. Using a turn of the head, gesture with the hand, level change or other body language the “leader” cues the rest of the group about the upcoming combination.  It’s a great way to stay in the moment.  We move across the dance floor like a flock of birds or school of fish.  This dance has it’s roots in various Egyptian & Indian folkoric dances as well flamenco & dashes of fusion. Another offering on our schedule that is friendly to beginners.

Thursday at 8:15 we are going to start exploring the use of finger cymbals. This is a wonderful way to enhance your dance& play with musicality.  We’ll explore patterns as well as rhythms over top of bellydance movement. You’ll flex both your body & mind in this class. We have finger cymbals at the studio available for purchase (4 cymbals = $10 including taxes).

Is there a class you’d like to see that we’re not offering?

Contact us at eshebellydancer@hotmail.com or come down to the studio.  We’re located right in the heart of Hamilton at 1 West Ave South, Suite 300 (remember this is Hamilton – you’ve got to enter the whole address including “Ave S” to your GPS or you’ll end up in another city!)


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