NEW Bellydance Teacher – Abigail

PERFECTEgyptian Bellydance specialist starts teaching at Mahasti in Hamilton from Thursday, July 7th! We are so excited to have her sharing her art with us! We’re excited to offer you a new & different vision of dance.

Students benefit greatly from having many different teachers – we make that part of learning easy by hosting so many great instructors at our studio! Learn from Peggy on Tuesdays, Abigail on Thursdays & Eshe on Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays!

Throughout the month of July Abigail’s classes will offer a sampler platter of what makes the Egyptian style different from other forms of bellydance.

Bellydance class 7-8PM
Beginning with a handful of the fundamental movements – hip circles, hip drops/kicks, undulations, hip swings and 3/4 shimmies, Abigail will reveal the instinctive Egyptian approach to dancing – using the music and rhythms to guide the technique. We’ll demystify what makes true Egyptian bellydancing look so effortless, even through complex moves and patterns, all using fundamental bellydance movements and a classical Egyptian style.

Folklore class 8:15-9:15PM
The regional dances of Egypt and the Arabic world (folklore) are the mother of bellydance – knowing folklore exponentially improves a bellydancer’s dancing. In the first few folklore classes we’ll be dipping our toe into the vast number of folkloric styles – baladi, saidi, shaabi, dabke, khaleegy, nubian, alexandrian, hagalla, ghawazee, port said, and so on. Initially we’ll just absorb the feel for the differences between forms – over time we’ll dig deeper into individual folkloric forms, learning the classic moves, the rhythms and music, and the nuances between the authentic, theatrical and nightclub versions.


Is there a class or time we’re not offering that you’re interested in? Let us know!

Contact with any suggestions or questions you may have!

Abigail will be sharing Egyptian Bellydance from 7-8PM and Egyptian Folkore from 8:15-9:15PM.  We are located at 1 West Ave S, Suite 300, Hamilton, ON.  Parking is available behind our building in any spot, except 3 & 10.

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