New Bellydance Session 

New session starts tonight at Mahasti – The Bellydance Emporium. We’ll be working on Sahar Samara’s absolutely fab entrance number with some combos thrown in from her amazing summer workshops with Ya Amar (check out their upcoming line-up of instructors – pure fire!).  7:10PM Part 1. 8:15PM Part 2.  I recommend an absolute minimum of 6 months bellydance experience before hopping into choreography class (even more helpful if that experience is with Mahasti). I make these recommendations because I really want everyone to have the best possible time.  There is little to no breakdown in a choreo class.  It’s expected that you can travel with shimmies, spin & isolate among other snazzy steps ❤ Students who attend all 4-5 weeks of choreo class are given an invitation (never a summons ^_^ ) to perform at Harem – Bellydance Show in Hamilton.  If that doesn’t sound like you (or you’d rather not do choreo) we have lots of drop in, basic & drilling classes to keep you busy or get you there!

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