Harem vol 28 – Bellydance Show at The Casbah, Hamilton

Harem is a professional bellydance showcase held in The Casbah & open to the public.
Harem is hosted the 3rd Saturday of every month by Eshe & Mahasti – The Bellydance Emporium.
The first Harem was held in November 2007.

Harem vol 28
Sat. Feb 17th
Show 7-8:30PM

Doors 6:30PM
All ages.
Kids under 18 attend for free.

Raqs Mahasti (Eshe, Peggy Nuwayrah Bellydance & Mahasti – The Bellydance Emporium studio dancers) with special guests
Angela Josephine
Melissa Gamal
Wild Orchid Belly Dance

This event we are going to shake things up a bit.  You’ll see the artists take on each other’s style.  Invoketress will perform as Eshe & Raqs Mahasti.  Angela Josephine will perform as Melissa Gamal.  Melissa Gamal will perform as Angela Josephine.  Wild Orchid will perform as Invoketress.  Raqs Mahasti will perform as Invoketress, Wild Orchid, Angela Josephine & Melissa Gamal.  The artists will also perform a set in their own signature styles.

The Casbah
306 King W
Hamilton, ON
Nearest public parking lot: 55 Queen St N, Hamilton.
Nearest restaurant La Luna (also 306 King W).

Harem – Bellydance Show in Hamilton

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