Double KPOP Fun tonight in Hamilton

Meet our fab kpop specialist Faith 💙 This Thurs 3/29 she’ll be teaching both our 7PM & 8:05PM classes sharing her brand new choreography to Red Velvet’s “Zoo” 🐅 This is the last week of the session to join her class! Take 1 or both.
Her class is a fun mix of Bellydance & Kpop. Kpop (Korean pop music) dance is a mixture of hip hop, modern, urban & theatrical styles. (Just like most pop dances.) We often learn signature steps as well as Faith’s unique creations. Similar to our other choreography classes 6 months of Bellydance experience is recommended before joining (although not enforced) 😊
Let us know if you have any other questions! By request in our May session Faith will be pulling double duty & teaching on Saturdays too 💙
422 Concession, Hamilton

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