HIBC workshops with Henna of Datura Online at Mahasti in Hamilton

henna 3

Hamilton International Bellydance Competition
Competition & Gala Show: 9/15/2018
Workshops: 9/16/2018

11-1 Dynamic Precision (Drills for Razor Sharp Technique)
2-4 Mejance (Entrance Choreography)

DYNAMIC PRECISION 11-1 is a bellydance workshop that not only focuses on clear, refined movement but also nuance. We start the class with our building blocks for bellydance: clarifying shapes while honing in on the nature of the movement inside of the music. We then take those building blocks and expand on them, play with them, and explore their dynamic possibilities in a drill format that will challenge your body and mind.

ENTRANCING ENTRANCE 2-4 is an original choreography by Henna that opens the dancer’s set with a bang! This choreography introduces the elements of a “majance”, or entrance piece, through bellydance combinations, traveling steps, and surprise accents. This piece is short and sweet, and is built to be adapted to many stages or venues.

1 workshop (2 hours) $60CAD / $48USD ($53.10 + tax)
Both workshops (4 hours) $110CAD/ $89USD ($97.35 + tax)

Mahasti The Bellydance Emporium
422 Concession, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Best known for being the resident Egyptian dance specialist at Rachel Brice’s Datura Online, Henna was born in Hawaii, where she spent her formative years, and where music, dance, and culture are closely tied and deeply valued. She credits her first teachers, Aziza and Magidah, with laying a solid foundation in technique and nurturing a love for Egyptian music.

An avid traveler and student, Henna’s dance blossomed during her four years in Tokyo, Japan where she co-founded Tokyo International Bellydance Competition. Dancing full time, producing shows with Deseos Productions, and studying with as many visiting dancers as possible, Henna immersed herself in bellydance – even expanding into Tribal Fusion. Since her return to Portland, Henna has completed Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements Cultivation training, Sahra Kent’s Journey Through Egypt levels 1, 2 & 3, collaborated with local professional dancers, and developed an inspiring relationship with the Middle Eastern band, Ritim Egzotik.

As a competitor, she holds titles as both a soloist and troupe member from La Danse Orientale Competition, Belly Dancer of the Year & International Ambassador of Belly Dance Competition.

She has been a featured artist & teacher at respected bellydance gatherings like Jamballah NW & Hawaii Bellydance Convention. She’s also judged various competitions, most notably, the “American Idol of belly dance” Belly Dance Off. In 2017, she helped launch the first Hamilton International Bellydance Competition as a judge, performer & workshop instructor.

In addition to all of that, Henna also produces events in Portland with top tier talents like Joana Saahirah & Sahra Kent.

Visit http://hennadances.com/ to learn more.

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