Got a Groupon? New to the studio or new to the dance?

I recommend Basics or Feel Good classes if you new to the studio or new to the dance.

This week my (Eshe’s) Basics & Feel Good classes will focus on Hagallah – a root dance of bellydance.  We’ll learn earthy hips, traveling steps, traditional rhythm and a dash of history at Mon 7PM, Tues 10AM,  Thurs 10AM & Sat 10:45AM classes.

Looking for modern or fusion Basics? Try Angela’s Wed 6:05PM class or Faith’s Thurs 7PM class.

Just like ballet, you never get past doing the basics.  They’re an integral part of the study.  We have students who have been dancing for 18 years who still come to Basics.  You’re never locked in, your pass is good for all classes at the studio.  My strong recommendation is trying a Basics class for your 1st time at Mahasti.

Wednesdays at 7:10PM Angela is also leading an intermediate drop in class if that’s more your style.

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