HIBC Workshops with Henna at Mahasti

henna ws

Make a weekend of it! HIBC workshops with Henna the Bellydancer
Sun 9/22
11-1 Move it! Traveling steps & transitions
In this workshop you will learn three foot patterns for traveling across the floor, as well as the movement principles that propel them. Henna will break down the footwork, hip integrations, and transitions between movements that bring complexity and cohesiveness to the dance.
(1 year of bellydance experience recommended.)
2-4PM 🌿A Lush Life🌿
Technique and combinations for juicy, effortless, layers that are satisfying to dance. We’ll talk about a raks sharki mindset, and how it influences movement choices. Henna shares her approach to finding the most delicious movement.
$60 for 1 workshop $110 for both
1) Cash or credit card at Mahasti – The Bellydance Emporium if you’re local.
2) Online credit card payment
1 workshop (2 hours)
2 workshops (4 hours)
3) Bank interac etransfer to eshebellydancer@hotmail.com
422 Concession

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