Self Love Sundays

2nd + 4th Sunday at Mahasti from October. If traditional yoga or bellydance classes feel out of reach or you are just looking for a gentle, relaxing, self care Sunday offering then this is for you.

955AM-1055AM Jen Flemming RMT shares Kindness in Motion
11-Noon Andria shares Bellydance Bliss

8 classes 50% off
$55 + tax!/50-off-8-classes/p/144626101/category=18890055

1 drop in class $16 + tax

Kindness in Motion is…
…a mindful movement practice, involving stretching, mobility drills and self massage. Through movement we can better tune into our bodies and how they feel, what they need and how we can meet those needs. Kind movement does not impose. The goal is experiencing and understanding your body so you can better attend to your needs.

Your body is a conduit, constantly receiving information and communicating it with you. Imagine how it could be if you knew how to listen and respond?

Kindness in Motion is for…
…those who are too tired for the gym, too stiff for yoga, too anxious to relax in a massage and have a hard time putting themselves on the to-do list. This is a class for you to slow down, take your time and prioritize yourself. Do something about that stiff neck and those sore hips. BREATHE. Nourish your body with movement. Stretch your hamstrings. Learn how to massage that spot that’s been bugging you for weeks.

422 Concession

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